Servicing Businesses Throughout The
Asia-Pacific Region with Lubricant Sourcing, Logistics and Technical Advice

PLSA has helped some of Asia’s leading companies source and supply their lubricant products as well as providing expert technical advice from our established industry engineers on products and storage.

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What We Do

The products are sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers including Sinopec, and other product suppliers in the region. We can supply your lubrication needs – call us and put PLSA to the test!

Lubricant Handling & Storage

Lubricant Handling & Storage

PLSA also designs and builds its own range of lubricant storage facilities for large industrial sites and commercial applications. PLSA has designed its own range and custom-built solutions for its customers. We can establish a full logistic setup for your business.

Full Suite of Products

Full Suite of Products

Diesel and Petrol Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil, Industrial Greases, Gear Oil and Specialty oils and Brake Fluid.

One of the largest independent lubricant suppliers in Asia

PLSA sources from prestigious suppliers in Singapore, Australia, USA and the greater Asia region to provide a wide range of premium lubricants complimented with expert storage, handling and dispensing support. PLSA uses premium blenders and manufacturers for all its products.

PLSA has established itself as a company that can source and supply a wide range of products and deliver logistics solutions for its customers across South East Asia and Oceania. PLSA can source and supply into all markets in the region.

PLSA and its subsidiary companies are the largest supplier of premium lubricants in the region – and could be assisting your business today.

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PLSA Singapore-Based Company

A Singapore-Based Company

PLSA is a Singapore based company that specialises in the procurement, supply, and technical application of premium industrial lubricants for its customers in the Asian and Oceania regions.

PLSA is made up of lubrication technical experts that have extensive careers in the industry. PLSA is a sister company to International Lubricant Distributors that have developed extensive markets in Australia for global giant Sinopec.

GRACO Suppliers

PLSA has a partnership with Graco ( for the supply of fluid handling systems and packages that move, control, deliver, dispense, and apply fluids in commercial and industrial settings. Graco is one of the world’s leading suppliers of lubrication handling equipment and systems. PLSA experts have been working with Graco equipment in major industrial settings for the past ten years.

PLSA has designed its own range and custom-built solutions for its customers. We can establish a full logistic setup for your business.

Graco Suppliers
Complete Storage & Dispensing Solution

Complete Storage & Dispensing Solution

PLSA is a specialist supplier of boutique storage and dispensing equipment we can provide a complete solution covering a lubricant sourcing and supply storage & technical compliance with OEM compliance including oil analysis trending software.

Career Opportunities

Seeking a Commercial Business Development Manager

PLSA is growing and looking for an experienced Commercial Business Development Manager interested in fast-tracking their career in this industry. We are seeking self-motivated experts with a strong network of contacts and experience locally, preferably with a global major lubricant player. We seek self-sufficient individuals with a high level of negotiating skills that can hit the ground running.

PLSA offers a full employment package including competitive salary, tools of trade, and the opportunity to join a company that continues to build in strength and reputation. We pay well and reward our performers to ensure you share in our success.

Looking To Reduce Cost & Increase Efficiency?

Email PLSA to learn how we can help save money while using the best-in-class lubrication technology.


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